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Can You Have No Strings Attached Fun?

Let’s take a moment to talk about NSA, relationships. NSA means no strings attached - no feelings, no commitment, just a fun, carefree relationship. So what exactly can you do to have a great no strings relationship minus the drama?

Don’t Expect To Cook Or Be Cooked Breakfast

Let’s face it, we all like a warm cooked breakfast. While pop culture may pressure females to cook their men breakfast, cooking breakfast is a bit overzealous for a first time no strings relationship. Simply put, you should probably forego hitting a breakfast hot spot altogether unless you want to insinuate you want something more from the relationship.

Don’t Spend The Night On The First Hook-up

Spending the night after a strictly casual (and no strings attached-style) hook-up is not a great idea. It’s best to leave shortly after the hook-up ensues. Your partner probably just wants to sleep in their bed, carry on with their life, and not be distracted by entertaining company. You, on the other hand, should be doing a good job to not appear needy or attached. Leaving shortly after hooking up accomplishes this goal and is the quick and breezy way to take care of the breakfast bullet point discussed earlier.

Do Expect the Unexpected

Let’s be honest, when there’s no strings attached, things can get weird. The best thing is to expect the unexpected. Maybe you or your partner wants to try something new in the bedroom; maybe you’ll hook up in a peculiar place, it all depends on the vibe. Some people use no-strings hook-ups to blow off steam and relieve stress while others may use no-strings hook-ups to try new things or experience their sexual fantasies. Since everyone is different, and certainly can have different expectations, intentions, and styles for casual no strings hook ups, it’s best to always expect the unexpected.

Always Use Protection

This point pretty much goes without saying, but just in case, always use protection in any situation. For no strings stuff, we strongly advise the use of condoms in all cases - even if you know the person (or think you do). It only takes one unlucky night to result in a visit to the clinic or perhaps worse an unplanned pregnancy. Both situations are unnecessarily stressful and can be safely avoided by using a condom when having a casual hook-up.

Don’t Spread Rumours 

It’s no secret that freaky does down during no strings attached “sessions”. Even if you only tell one friend, we all know how rumours can spread like wildfire. The last thing you want to do is spread rumours, and here’s why. Just like the guy who takes a screenshot of that sexy SnapChat (and consequently never gets sent a nude pic again) if you spread rumours about a guy or girl you hooked up with, people will naturally be a little more hesitant to hook up with you. Play it safe, stay classy and keep your no-strings hook-ups discrete.


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