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Blow Him Away

Delivering a good blow-job isn’t easy – in the words of Sex and the City’s Samantha, “Honey, they don’t call it a job for nothing!”. So adding edge to your technique requires smart thinking. To save you the hassle, here are some short-cut tricks to give your usual lip-service a lick of added fun…

Instead of tackling his tackle head-on, place his penis sideways in your mouth, like a harmonica. Holding his member in place with your hand, suck from the shaft to the head of his penis without letting go. This change of angle will be music to his, er, penis.

Don’t be bashful – evoke your inner narcissist by getting down to business in view of a full-length mirror. Undress in front of your mirror at bedtime, making sure that your man’s watching, but leave your stilettos on – they’ll make you feel sexy and your legs look amazing. Brazenly admire your reflection, then walk over to him, take him by the hand and lead him back to the mirror. Undress him and position him so he’s sideways-on to the mirror and far enough away that he can see you go down on him. Now deliver your fail-safe oral technique. When he’s about to come, pull him out of your mouth and point him towards the mirror, where you can both watch the fireworks.

The scrotum and surrounding areas are delightfully sensitive – take advantage of the fact! If you have long hair, trail it suggestively up his thighs before you take him in your mouth. When you’re midaction, cup his balls with a handful of your soft locks, gently rubbing them. If you have short hair, nuzzle his balls with the crown of your head, making sure you remove any hair accessories beforehand!

If the thought of a having a threesome turns you on, but the reality of seeing another woman go down on your man doesn’t, try this: prior to the action, dial a sex chatline on your mobile, putting it on loudspeaker. As you pleasure him, he can talk dirty with the recipient – and you’ll get turned on hearing every word!

His pubic hairs are like little sexual antennas that are reaching out to be touched. Tease him by lightly running your fingernails over his pubes as your mouth tends to his member. When he comes, run your fingernails over the area between his pubic bone and belly button in time with the contractions of his orgasm – many find this enhances the experience.

If you’re delivering a blow job when he’s on his back, switch the action up a gear with this ball-pleasing punt: break away from sucking his length to take each of his balls (or both of them, if you can) in your mouth. Run your tongue around and between them in a figure-of-eight shape. Then use your tongue to press the spot in-between the two balls with your tongue. Repeat this till he’s crying out for you to take his member back in your mouth and give him sweet release.

Swish a shot of crème de menthe around your mouth prior to going down on him. The contrasting sensations of the heat of the alcohol and the coolness of the mint will make him drunk on you.

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