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Being a Modern Day Woman

Women nowadays are very strong and independent. We compete in a “man’s world” and still strive to balance our work with a warm and well run home. We take care of the kids, cook the dinner and a lot of us still do the daily chores of cleaning and maintaining the house. So after we’ve come back from a long day at the office, cleaned and fed the kids and hubbie, washed the dishes, put in the laundry is it any small wonder that we don’t feel like having sex?

In actual fact, most women are very capable of doing all these things and then still making themselves sexy for their man afterwards, but a lot don’t want to. Why should women be constantly giving, without being appreciated?  If it’s an expectation to put out for your man at the end of the night when he hasn’t lifted a finger to help with the kids or around the house, is it any wonder that all we want to do is curl up with a good book before bed?

If you look back in time, women relied on men for everything. They were stay at home housewives that doted on their men and catered to their every whim. Women have become progressively more independent, so it only makes sense that the type of man we need would also change. We don’t necessarily need a man to pay the bills, so we instead look for a man that strives for excellence in every aspect of his life.

How often do we settle? This is a combination of not really knowing what it is that we’re looking for in a man, and if we know, thinking we’ll never find it. I say, write it down. It doesn’t matter if the list takes up a full A4 page. You can say he must be honest, sensitive, spiritual, good looking, wealthy, intelligent or any other attributes you’re looking for.

Think you’re asking for a lot? I think not. I think you’re worth it and if you want it, should go for it!

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