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A Hopping Good Time

We all know that Easter is renowned for it’s chocolate bunnies and Easter eggs, which is why it’s one of our favourite holidays! Not only is it a great excuse for licking lots of chocolate off your lover, but also, there are so many rabbit and egg vibes you can have fun with!!

So let’s chat about the rabbit vibes first. Arguably one of the most popular sex toys ever created, the Roger Rabbit was made famous when Charlotte from Sex in the City, got addicted to her new rabbit vibrator. If you’d like to know if that’s actually possible, read my blog about it here. What I can tell you now, is that the rabbit can give you one of the best orgasms there are – the blended orgasm! A combination between a clitoral orgasm and a vaginal or G-Spot orgasm is guaranteed to have you humping your rabbit like a thumper! There are also many different varieties to choose from, and they can be a little intimidating, so maybe start with a little one like the Fun Factory Miss Bi. It has a curve for the G-Spot and a flexible clit stimulator. It’s rechargeable and you can store your favourite settings. For something a little more sophisticated, try the Kissing Swan. The cute bunny clit stimulator has two little ears that tickle your love pearl while the curved shaft rotates, hitting your G-spot and giving you that powerful blended orgasm!

Now the egg is one of the most versatile sex toys on the market. A normal egg (sometimes called a bullet) vibrator, is attached to a control with a wire. This generally limits it’s use to in the bedroom, however there is still lots that it can do! Hold it in your hand and roll it around the body. Target your partners erogenous zones – the places that make them get goosebumps. That way, before you even get to the more sensitive spots like the nipples, clit or penis, your partner is in such a heightened state of arousal that a mind-blowing orgasm would be imminent! Now you can target the extra sensitive spots. Holding the egg in your hand, cup your partner’s scrotum, gently massaging his testicles and perineum – the strip between his anus and testicles. If you do it to hard, he may klap you, so make sure you’re gentle. Then you can start tickling up and down the shaft of his penis. This is a great toy to use during oral sex. Also, don’t forget that his nipples are just as – if not more – sensitive than hers are, so don’t neglect them. Similarly, use the egg on your female partner, first targeting her erogenous zones, nipples, then playing around the outside of her labia, before targeting her clit and even inserting it during oral sex. The BSwish BNear Classic has two little bullets, which mean double the sensation and double the fun!

So that’s all well and good for in the bedroom, but it’s Easter and while the kids can look for hidden Easter eggs, you and your partner can play with something else that is hidden – a remote control egg. This egg can be used for everything that a regular egg is used for, but most people want it because of it’s naughty factor. Yip, just pop the egg in, hand the remote to your partner, and off you go to Easter Sunday lunch. Most eggs nowadays have a range of up to 10m and if you choose one of the fancier ones, the remote will vibrate too, telling your partner exactly which setting it’s on and what you’re feeling. Just try not to re-enact the restaurant scene from When Harry Met Sally!


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