6 Valentine’s Tips to Make Sure the Night is Red Hot!

  1. Let’s start with how we prepare ourselves. It has become quite popular in recent years, to groom “down there” for special occasions. Shaving your hair in the shape of your partner’s initial, or a heart will make him feel extremely special. Some have even gone so far as to dye it red or pink. If you want to make sure that he gets the message properly, an arrow pointing downwards will do the trick!
  2. Next, make sure you have some sexy lingerie. Preferably in red or pink as these are the colours of passion and love. Choose something that doesn’t necessarily have to come off. A babydoll dress that opens in front with some matching panties, or a peek-a-boo set that lets your naughty bits show through. Otherwise choose something that you know you won’t wear again, and get him to rip it off you!! It seriously takes hotness to a new level.
  3. Make sure all of the senses are stimulated and tittilated. Burn candles to set the mood to ultra-romantic. These along with you and your sexy lingerie take care of sight. Play some soft, easy listening music. Avoid anything with lyrics. You want his attention on you completely, not mouthing the words to his favourite song. Put a faux fur throw, or something equally plush on the lounge floor. This will enhance your sense of touch as you roll around on it. Wear a sensual perfume, or better yet, get a sensual massage oil with beautiful flower fragrances. Starting the night with a sensual massage will relax him and the beautiful aromas will start working their magic in his brain. As for taste, we’ll get to that one later…
  4. Open some bubbly. Again there are some very tasty pink varieties on the market at the moment that will help you keep with your romantic theme. If you’re not into rose, then simply pop a cherry at the bottom of your champagne flute to add some class and tastiness to your drink.
  5. Have a picnic on your throw. Keep it simple. His favourite finger foods, and a couple of tried and tested aphrodisiacs – oysters, strawberries. Feed each other, but don’t use your fingers…
  6. For dessert, there must be chocolate. But let it be our favourite kind – body chocolate. Continue stimulating your taste buds… and other buds by dabbing on some sweet chocolate heaven and letting your partner lick, suck and nibble it off.

I hope these tips help and you all have a wonderfully sensual Valentine’s!

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