10 Signs That She's Totally Into You

Men, resist the frustration that comes with determining how she feels romantically. It’s not the same for women as it is for the uglier sex, so have some sympathy. Why sympathy? Look at it from her perspective. Romantic mistakes for women can be extremely costly. If she chases after a guy and hooks up with him, consider the ramifications. If he turns out to be an asshat, which is entirely likely, she’s left with fewer years to find a suitable guy. If she turns up pregnant, and he’s an asshat, she’s now connected to this guy for the rest of her life. No bueno.

It doesn’t end there. Women, concerned about their physical safety, run the risk of going after some psychopath with a bad temper. Just as bad, they could find a guy who can’t keep his junk in his pants and sleeps with her best friend. Even worse, he could still be into Dragonball Z - a total deal-breaker.

So, the reason it’s frustrating to find out if she’s interested is because it’s supposed to be a challenge. But, it’s totally possible to be successful. It just requires some attention to detail. Check out these 10 signs she likes you.

She Plays With Her Hair 

A woman’s sexuality is almost directly connected to her hair. Just look inside any beauty salon. There are products, pictures, and people all there to help a woman have the best hair she can. Why is this the case? It’s because nothing is as unstoppable as a woman who has big, beautiful, sexy hair. It’s an extension of herself and is a lethal weapon in her hunt for a man.

But guys, listen up. Because she’s so connected to her hair, paying close attention to what she does with her hair can be telling. When she’s talking to a man she likes, she will almost always play with her hair. It may be a full-on stroke of her hair with her hand all the way down to just twiddling the ends with her fingertips. It could be to get him to notice or it could be to just alleviate the stress of talking to a guy she likes.

Woman Playing With Her Hair

The Smile

Women know men want someone who seems happy to see them. Just think about it. If a man has his choice between two women, what’s going to be the deciding factor? Will he choose the woman that never smiles? The one who is sulking and brooding when he’s around? Or, is he going to go after the smiling, bright, woman who appears to find his presence thrilling? It’s a no-brainer.

Seductive Smile

The Heightened Voice

Women who speak with men they like, raise the pitch of their voices. It may be intentional. A woman who has a high-pitched voice often exudes a higher level of oestrogen which means she’s more fertile. Women know this and may use it to their advantage to get a guy’s attention.

It may also be unintentional. If a woman likes a guy, she may just get a little more nervous and can’t control how high her voice goes. It could simply be a case of nerves, but the bottom line is that his presence has some effect on her. It’s subtle, but it counts.

High Pitched Voice

Eye Contact

For women, it’s all about making that connection that is beyond the physical. Because of this eye contact is a subtle, surefire way to tell whether she’s interested. With eye contact, it’s a form of communication that says, “I like you and I’m interested in what you have to say.” If a woman is interested, she will usually ensure that the object of her affection gets this message.

Eye Contact

She Speaks Up


Women like to talk. It's a fact. So you need to be able to tell the difference between her normal chatter and chatter that shows she's into you. Listen out for compliments and positive comments. Also, if she starts asking questions about your family, past and future, that's a sure sign she wants to be in the picture for the future part. 

Asking Questions

She Wants To Hang Out

If she likes you, she’ll find any excuse to be by your side. A project at work? She’ll jump on it. Planning a party? She’ll help with the details. Working out? She’ll spot you. It’s just all about taking advantage of the opportunity.

Spending time together

She Tells Her Friends

One fundamental difference between men and women is that women tell their friends everything. This isn’t a joke. It’s everything. Her bra size? Her friends know it. How she slept last night? Her friends know the details. The guy she’s interested in? Her friends even know his shoe size. For male friends? Well, they may or may not know each other’s last names, but who cares, right?

In the case of the guy she’s interested in, he will be a hot topic. So, pay attention to what her friends know and how they engage in conversation. It’ll be a dead giveaway.

Gossiping girls

She Doesn't Bring Up Other Guys

Women subtly need the guy they’re interested in to know she’s available without appearing desperate. The best way to do this is to pretend as if the guy she’s after is the only guy in the world. Plus, if she’s actively looking, she probably doesn’t want to go into detail about why her last relationship flamed out. She may not yet be ready to explain to a future lover that she kidnapped her ex-boyfriend’s dog at the end of the relationship. That’s something she’ll want to tell him after he’s already hooked.


She Gets Dressed Up

Women want to look their best for a guy they like. Now, this basically means the man she’s interested in will never catch her without her having given herself a once-over in the mirror. Everyone knows men love with their eyes, so she’s going to take advantage and give herself the best chance at success.

Getting Dressed Up

She Notices The Little Things

Women pay extremely close attention to the men that they like. It’s her way of showing her affection without being totally obvious about it.

So, does she happen to bring pizza, knowing it’s your favourite? Does she casually drop off some allergy meds when she hears you sniffling? Did she notice your hamburger came without the pepper sauce you ordered? Well, she’s noticing every move, in the hopes you’ll notice she cares.

Woman Noticing Little Things

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