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According to the Museum of Sex, the vibrator was originally used as a medicinal treatment for female "hysteria" during the 19th century. The vibrator-induced orgasms helped doctors dissipate hysteria's anxiety-related symptoms.

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These are the muscles we use if we stop a pee in mid flow, and also the muscles we use during childbirth. Once, you’ve figured out how to engage the pelvic floor muscles, lie on your back and engage the muscles for 5 seconds, then release. Perform the activity 10 times, three times a day, suggests the Mayo Clinic.

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... last time ..? Oh. My. God. I'd never known. But I suppose that means he just calmly cleaned it up and returned to our normal activities without a problem. 

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A lot of people think that oral sex is a safe alternative to sex if they don’t want to use a condom. Granted, you can’t get pregnant from oral sex, and although HIV is very difficult to contract through oral sex – it’s not impossible. There are also other STD’s that can be contracted from oral sex such as Herpes. So be safe and use a condom!!

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The first safety issue is that the safety/integrity of the glass might be compromised if it is dropped on a hard surface. Personally I would recommend that a dropped glass toy be retired and used as a beautiful paperweight if it is dropped on, say, a tiled or cement floor.

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